Princess Power

Gazing into the dragon’s ruby red eyes, Atticus mused aloud, “Why are stories such as this always told in the form of handsome knight saves pretty princess from horrible beast? Seems a bit odd doesn’t it? Not that you are horrible, mind you… in fact, you are the handsome one. But you have taken me prisoner.”

“Are you saying you are not a princess, Atty?” the dragon said with a wicked grin built of giant teeth, each larger than the villain stood tall. The creature turned its mighty head and unleashed a geyser of purple and black flame.

“Are you saying I am pretty?”

“Could. You. Two. Please. Stop,” the warrior yelled from behind her shield, crouching low to avoid the fiery onslaught, “Flirting. I am trying. To save. Your evil skin!”

“…I think she likes you, Atty…”

“Oh, no, this is strictly professional. I knew you were coming today so I felt it best to prepare.”

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