Potion Recycling

The Potion Maker’s Authority takes their role in keeping the Netherworld unpolluted very seriously. Apprentice potion makers are regularly sent out to collect discarded bottles and bring them back to the Authority’s headquarters in Peyroux.

The first step is cleaning. Waste water from a future step scrubs dirt, debris, and unused potion residue from the bottles and washes them clean. Bottles are then sorted by size and types of magical glass before being crushed into fine powders with a Shatter Potion Bottle for Recycling spell. These powders are kept separate as the next step— making new bottles— will require different combinations.

Once orders for new bottles come in, varying amounts of bottle dust are gathered and carefully poured into molds. Lava is then poured into the molds and everything is vibrated gently to ensure an even consistency. This step also removes stray air bubbles. Enchanted sea water passes above the molten mass, hardening and increasing the magical density. The process of pouring lava and then sea water is repeated dozens of times, each layer tempered with spells to prevent leakage, breakage, and to remove contaminates. An adventurer may be crushed by an ogre but their potion bottles will remain intact.

Once the molten glass has the right properties, dragon’s fire is used to super heat the mass one last time. The syrupy gloop is poured into fields of magical force that hold it in the desired bottle shapes. These force fields will last until the bottle completely cools, about a month.

The bottle is ready for inspection, filling and use. Bottles with the slightest flaw are sent to the beginning of the process for crushing and reforming. Bottles that pass are polished with slime, cleaned with acids, rinsed with kraken ink and then sea water, and primed with quarter-strength versions of their intended potion. Ensuring nothing goes to waste, the watery runoff, inert by this point, is sent to the beginning of the first step to rinse clean incoming bottles.

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