Potion Popsicles

As summer continues its annual roast, the Potion Maker’s Authority is on hand to cool down overheated citizens and tourists in Peyroux.

Each popsicle is treated with an Ice Crust spell, ensuring it won’t melt— and giving it a delightful snap if you bite (a popular yet controversial method of eating them).

Popsicle eating contests are popping up throughout the village, with contestants aided or hindered by the underlying potion’s potent powers. Some give the power of flight, others offer a natural Ice Breath spell, and a few tricky ones simply Immobilize. This may seem like an instant loss, but Zelda K. Arcadia, witch, successfully defeated a band of magical rabbits from the Purple Paw Thievery in a popsicle duel. After Immobilizing herself, she fell over and squashed her foes. Everyone came out fine, bunnies were snuggled, and a second round of popsicles were shared (everyone got Teleport to Random Location this time).

Creepy Crepes mug

Creepy Crepes mug ($18.50)

A haunted diner, Creepy Crêpes has been feeding citizens and visitors to the village of Peyroux for decades.
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