Potion of Mermaid’s Breath Recipe


  • Rain water filtered through soil and boiled clean (if user is to swim in a freshwater lake, stream, or other)
  • Sea water, desalinated and boiled clean (if user is to swim in the ocean or other saltwater body)
  • Sand or soil from home, about a handful
  • Ash created from old wood
  • Powdered moonstone (ground to the consistency of raw sugar)
  • A secret (cannot be trivial or developed for this potion)

The exact nature of preparation and production is kept by the Potion Maker’s Authority, but their expertise is quite affordable for this brew. Creates about fourteen batches, each lasting for a day.

The potion is thicker than water and so can safely be brought with you in your journey. It can be consumed without surfacing using a straw (we recommend a bendy or loopy straw because they are fun).

Kissing a mermaid (with their consent, obviously) can extend a potion’s duration for about a day. Alternatively, a mermaid can blow a kiss into a potion’s bottle using a straw to double it’s duration.