Popular Movie Snacks

Monster and ghost movies are incredibly popular in the Netherworld, and snacks are ubiquitous. Here are some classic choices to help you plan your next gathering:

Sea monsters

From mermaids to sirens, popcorn shrimp will satisfy your sea fairing friends. Season with salt and a bit of garlic butter.

Ghosts and the undead

Having fiendish friends over for a movie is a fantastic way to spend a stormy evening, though catering to their tastes can be a bit intimidating. Keep samples of soil purchased from your local cemetery on hand. Foxglove flowers are always welcome and you cannot go wrong with hemlock or deadly nightshade sprigs.


Gorgons, and for that matter most earth element creatures, love to eat gems and stones. Have a spare crystal that isn’t focusing energy efficiently? Picked up a bit too much quartz at the rock shop? Pile them in a bowl and your guests will gleefully chomp them up.

If you have a large party coming over, or just find yourself at a loss, give Pyroclastic Pizza a buzz and order up their Peculiar Platter Special.

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