Farmers across the Netherworld gather in Peyroux about once a month to swap seeds, share tips, and tell tall tales about past harvests. Boasts are made, wagers are placed. This gathering is known as the Phantasmaflora, and the accompanying market is simply spectrally spectacular.

The event, like most held in Peyroux, is casual and low key. Vendors usually share booths, alternating between day and night, allowing a massive variety of projects to be shared to a wide variety of customers.

Of all the produce available, rare and heritage slimes are always among the biggest sellers. Witches, alchemists, and monsters from all over visit just to restock their storage jars and stew pots. Magic is abundant, quality slime is not.

Many undead come to Phantasmaflora to shop for supernatural fruit, vile vegetables, and magical herbs.

Unusual potions are debuted at Phantasmaflora! Brewers seek to gauge interest and take pre-orders, and many curious market goers enjoy being the first in their graveyard to taste the latest poison. The Potion Maker’s Authority maintains an entire suite of booths to show off their newest spells. Test at your own risk!

Lands where farms and cemeteries intersect are rare.

These precious spaces are carefully cultivated and often produce magnificent results: vegetables grow oddly, wracked with unbreakable curses, fruit that emits magical fields, fungi that grow to the size of pumpkins. Look for the mausoleum at the center of the fair for details and to place special requests for future growing seasons.

Ringing the edge of the Phantasmaflora is a deep (some say infinitely so) corn field. Home to many ghosts, skeletons, and other undead, the maize maze is open year ‘round. Eating an ear of the corn teleports you to the entrance, ensuring no one is permanently lost, but rumors persist of a lich that has stayed inside for decades. Probably cooking up some corn-based astral projection spell just to see if it can.

Phantasmaflora and its market only lasts a few days before vendors begin to pack up and head home with their newly traded items, special requests from customers, and gossip gleaned from friends. The expansive nature of the Netherworld ensures all seasons are represented all year, and the centralized location of Peyroux ensures convenient access to all sellers, shoppers, and casual browsers.

Phantasmaflora Farm Market patch

Phantasmaflora Farm Market patch ($2.00)

Hail growing things! Convert sunlight to curses, you marvelous monstrosities!
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