Peyroux Paving Stones

One of Evil Supply Co.’s more unusual exports from the tiny, haunted village of Peyroux is a particular paving stone and mortar.

Haunted castles, graveyard paths, forest trails, and all matter of walkways throughout the Netherworld use these stones because they last for hundreds of years, make a wonderful “click clap clop” sound when walked upon — and are very accessible to people and creatures without the use of legs.

“We use a special ectoplasmic mortar formula that binds the stones and senses the needs of whomever is on them,” says Atticus Q. Redghost while lending a hand on a new installation. “For instance, this road becomes slick when a legless giant snake slithers on, but firms and texturizes in the rain so people don’t slip. And if you are using a cane or a wheelchair, it levels out to make your path easier.”

When asked if the paving stones could reverse, to make an enemy’s approach more treacherous, Atticus laughed. “We have a gorgon client who uses that technique to slide invaders into a lava pit.”

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