Pearls were gifted to the world many, many centuries ago when a splash of mermaids were laying on their backs, floating, watching the moon rise in the sky. Gossiping amongst themselves, they realized that their deepest water neighbors had never such sights, being unable to withstand the lack of water pressure.

The moon loves the sea and all its creatures, and, upon hearing the mermaids chat, became quite distressed.

She promised the mermaids her special favor if they would share her light with the creatures of the deep dark. Unable to resist, the mermaids readily agreed. The moon cast down pearls to the mermaids, who accepted them with awe and reverence.

As the sun broke the sky’s horizon and the moon prepared for her nightly rest, the mermaids swam into the darkest regions, pearls clutched tightly in oysters for safe keeping. They gave the initial pearls to the deep water creatures in exchange for their stories and legends.

A few weeks later, when the moon was full once more, they swam to the surface and relayed all they had learned. Pleased, the moon granted more pearls, and so it has continued ever since.

Netherworld Post Office Raven patch

Netherworld Post Office Raven patch ($2.00)

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