Ocean Bones

Ocean bones are small, temporary islands in the middle of large bodies of water. They are stationary, remaining fixed in a single place against the tide despite their small footprint. Sizes range from “large enough for one person to lounge on” to the size of a small park.

Ocean bones are grown by traveling sea nymphs.

Ocean bones are grown by traveling sea nymphs. Unlike mermaids, who can breathe water or air with ease, sea nymphs can only breathe air. They require very little sleep and can comfortably hold their breath for days at a time, but need a solid space to occasionally rest and regain their magical strength.

These temporary islands are also useful to entrap sailors or meet allies and friends. Fish and sea faring birds often take refuge on ocean bones, mistaking them for safe harbors. Sea nymphs collect them for meals and magical components.

Ocean bones erode over time, rarely lasting longer than a few weeks. They represent a recoverable battery of magic proportional to size, so a nymph can create, relax, and then harvest the bones for energy when she is ready to move on. The longer a nymph wishes to stay in one spot, the larger an island she will create. Nymphs have been known to gather together to create especially large ocean bones in times of trouble, using their combined strength to create a sanctuary of safety and comfort for the group.

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