Netherworld Lemons

Because lemons grow throughout the Netherworld, they can acquire all manner of magical energies and unusual taste profiles. Netherworld lemonades are fantastic treats to cool down and power up.

Cloud Lemonade

A tricky drink to create as cloud lemons are lighter than air, this fey treat imbues the imbiber with the ability to float a few feet from the ground. A gift to anyone seeking to avoid floor traps!

Purloiner’s Lemons

A fruit favored by adventurous rogues and professional thieves, purloiner’s lemons partially phase out of existence in the presence of magical shadows. Combined with any form of Darkness spell, these lemons allow the eater to easily pass through walls.

Sunbeam Lemons

These lemons, when eaten raw or added to food, are tasty but magically inert alone. When combined with seawater and sugar, however, they create a burst of sunshine. Useful in caves and the depths of the ocean, these lemons can bring a taste of day in dark places. This light is harmless to the undead.

Moonbeam Limes

Cousins to sunbeam lemons, moonbeam limes operate in the same fashion but create a burst of lunar light. This light does not affect lycanthropes.

Alchemist Lemons

These lemons are incredibly useful for metalwork as their juice permanently turns steel into gold. They are also delicious.

Creepy Crepes mug

Creepy Crepes mug ($14.75)

A haunted diner, Creepy Crêpes has been feeding citizens and visitors to the village of Peyroux for decades.
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