Moonlight & Brooms

As autumn takes hold, and especially as Halloween approaches, moonlight-powered witch booms are often over worked. To help ease the burden, the village of Peyroux captures moon beams all year long. Stored in rainwater, our lunar energy is of the finest quality.

Witches from all over the Netherworld fly into the village to celebrate the season with us and we want everyone to be comfortable in the knowledge they can get home safely. If you are in need, or just want a pick-me-up, head to the clock tower in the village square and look for the crescent moon-shaped fountain. Dip your broom bristles into the water and have a sip if you are thirsty. Take as much as you need, there is plenty for everyone.

Movie Mausoleum postcards (set of 10)

Movie Mausoleum postcards (set of 10) ($7.75)

Inexpensive entertainment, and when paired with snacks, a perfect way to spend a stormy evening at home.
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