Moon Dial

Frowning, the pixie tapped the moon dial. He muttered to it, “It is the late at night, not noon.” In response, the moon dial’s shadow quickly moved to 11:14 AM.

“No, that isn’t right.” He checked a pocket watch, “It is 11:14 PM.”

The moon dial’s shadow slowly moved forward, passing the correct time, to land once again at “noon”.


The shadow lurched backwards and pointed to “file not found,” an error message the pixie was sure had not existed two minutes ago.

“File not fo– You are a piece of stone! What files?!”

The dial waited for a few seconds, then the shadow moved with a maddening, patience-reducing slowness. …11:12 PM. 11:13 PM…

“Thank you. I was afraid I’d have to—”

…11:14 AM