Monsters In Space

What happens to externally influenced phase monsters when their external influencers change? Is distance a factor? How can known factors be accommodated for space travel?

Working with a coffin of 125 vampires and a pack of 140 werewolves, I have spent the past several weeks exploring the Drakar IV solar system. I have hired similarly sized groups on Earth to keep strict records as a control group. To create a spread of data, I have hired equal numbers of native vampires and werewolves on each planet we visited.

I wanted to know how the sun (or main star) and moon (or moons) tie to monsters affected by celestial bodies. My hypothesis about local factors overwhelming physical and magical makeup has proven partially correct: while each creature has some biological phase shifts based on location, there are blanket changes that can be planned for and ultimately compensated for safety and comfort. General ranges can be determined based on each planet, and with minor testing, an individual can be comfortably transported to their vacation destination.



Vampires weaken at the high points of the solar cycle of their home world and strengthen at the low points no matter where they are in space. Native energies travel via the infinite astral plane.

Solar weakness is easy to compensate for at home, but on distant worlds, the shift is either diminished or magnified, sometimes exponentially, based on the local solar composition, cloud cover, and atmosphere. The color of the local and native star do not appear to contribute, though star size and planet distance does. Unexpectedly, these experiments have shown why vampires are more powerful in autumn and winter on their home worlds.

I have published an algorithm in Space Vampires: Tourists & Travelers, a Guide to assist trip planners and space captains. With relatively minor space ship and suit modifications, problems can easily be avoided. Depending on destination, it is often possible for vampires to safely enjoy a world’s local sunlight for brief periods without risk of destruction, though their metaphysical properties are always diminished.


Werewolves seem more closely tied to the local condition than vampires. While maintaining their ability to shape-shift at will between human, wolf, and hybrid forms, the energy needed for transition is significantly less when the local dominate moon is fullest. On worlds with multiple moons, a dominate moon must be determined before equations can be solved. Moon size is less of a factor than orbit, with the nearest satellite providing the most energy, unless a more distant moon has a significantly more powerful magical aura.

On Earth’s moon, lunar energy harvesters in the Muenster Lunar Colony Bar & Grill atmosphere domes allow for effortless shape-shifting by collecting magic and directing it as needed (for werewolves and a variety of other residents and visitors). The algorithms for both travel and similar buffer construction can be found in Where Oh Where Are the Werewolves? Space Lycanthrope Planning.


Stars, moons, and planets are tied to the astral plane. Their energy signatures connect and interact to an individual monster’s metaphysical composition, and can ergo be boosted or dampened to ensure a fantastic vacation.

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