Monster Movies

Because ghosts, magic, and monsters are plentiful in the Netherworld, movies can be made quickly and inexpensively. The stars tend to be your friends and neighbors, and many of the topics feature daily life — who among us did not see ourselves when Nixxi overthrow a pirate ship, sent the vile captain into the maw of a kraken, and sailed into the sunset while kissing the rescued storm spirit?

Movies are made so rapidly that many times the recordings aren’t made to last. Single showings are the norm— catch it or miss it!— is a common promotion.

Before the film starts, newsreels are played. Friendly curses are cast, declarations are made, the latest crimes of the Purple Paw Thievery are highlighted to the delight of the audience (who are, as often as not, featured victims).

Film screenings are typically held at dusk and last until midnight with casts and crews chatting about the production during intermissions. Because small festivals are an integral part of life in the Netherworld, it isn’t unknown walk into your village’s square and be surprised by a pop up movie showing! Never worry, tickets are free and the snack bar is always well stocked.

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