Migrating Flowers


Gardening is an incredibly popular hobby across the Netherworld. Some gardens focus on fruits and vegetables, others magical ferns and poisonous herbs, while a handful feature flowers. A handful, mind you, because flowers migrate frequently.

It is rare to see them move, and the methods of locomotion vary wildly. You simply walk into your garden one day and all your volcano roses are now gloomberries, your red horror ferns have swapped themselves with ravenstalk fungi, and your bed of pixiecaps has traded itself out with a distant neighbor’s fool’s death mushrooms.

Your flowers will return in time, often with tales of bravado and intense battles from far away lands. Take what they say with a grain of salt as flowers are notorious exaggerators.

Phantasmaflora Farm Market patch

Phantasmaflora Farm Market patch ($4.00)

Hail growing things! Convert sunlight to curses, you marvelous monstrosities!
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