Mermaid Farms

The majority of a mermaid’s diet invariably comes from the sea and, of course, sailors from ships they sink. But some meals are farmed above the waves. Mermaid communities cultivate small islands in the middle of the sea. Rarely large enough to warrant showing up on a map, they are only large enough for a few small plots.

These odd islands float on a magic bubble that keeps them afloat and ensures a continual supply of eldritch energy. Their location ensures the plants are thoroughly watered, but it should be noted that all fruit and vegetables grown this way have a salty edge.

Mermaid farmers can grow a huge variety of produce, herbs, and berries. The menu shifts seasonally with the community’s needs.

Sea nymphs, ocean sprites, and all manner of other water fey frequent these hidden farms and gardens, importing seeds and trading labor for a sunny beach to rest upon and their fill of the crops at harvest time.

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