Mail Access

Every monster, ghost, witch — every sentient being in the Netherworld is due access to the mail. Some recipients, however, are rarely home, preferring adventurous lives on the road. Others are private, preferring to keep the location of their lairs a secret at all cost.

To accommodate, the branch of the Netherworld Post Office in the haunted village of Peyroux offers receiving services. The village is a hub of activity for much of the Netherworld, so travelers frequently stop in for supplies. Mail is held indefinitely until picked up, a very useful policy for the undead who may only stop by once a decade or so.

Every held mail recipient is granted a small self-service cubby that holds cards and letters. Parcels are kept behind the main desk. Special request deliveries are fairly common — some must remain in salt water or magma or in temporal stasis fields. The unusual nature of the Netherworld’s many realms brings constant, and welcome, challenges and the Post Office is here to serve them all. Mail is a fundamental pillar to the haunted world.

Magic Vending Machine patch

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