M-R-M-D Radio

M-R-M-D announcement break. Thank you everyone for your continued support! Various heroic nautical guilds are attempting to shut us down as we are “hazardous to their shipping lanes” … as if they own the sea. But with our growing audiences of sea monsters and storm witches, my sweet tides, we are aren’t going anywhere!

Top of the hour weather reports:

The Lost Sea has a storm moving in, going to be a big one and likely will last all night. Witch’s Cove has a bit of ice lingering. Spring ‘round there just will not come, eh? Skull Skulduggery Lagoon will see a beautiful sunset, the clouds are lining up nicely. If you’re out there, have a peak!

Next up on M-R-M-D, Salt & The Sirens weigh anchor with deep cuts of their debut album, “Barnacles & Black Spots”.

Stay tuned, storm chasers, we have a give away coming up soon.