Love Potion #13

Love potions are very popular in the Netherworld. They are not compulsory, mind you, they act more as an aura cosmetic.

Couples occasionally drink a love potion before going on a date, and singles looking for a partner will sometimes drink a draft before heading out to a party. Love potions enhance the drinker’s magical essence, and on some fey spectrums, creates a beacon. Across short distances, auras compatible connect and spark, leading people to one another.

Brewing a love potion is a personalized ritual. The recipes shift over the course of the year as they are tied to the moon’s position and various celestial phenomenon, but the Potion Maker’s Authority sells kits to get potential potion brewers started. Only a rudimentary knowledge of magic is needed to complete the spell, and if one lacks this skill, a friendly witch can get you started (and could be your match.)

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