Legendary Laundry

Every week or so, Evil Supply Co.’s cleaning crew gathers up the laundry from our various henchcrews for cleaning and mending. Given the nature of our work, the artifacts found tend to be strange and unusual.

The following is a snapshot of recently retrieved items:

  • 3 lost souls (returned to owners)
  • 16 waterproof matches that were burning with 12 different flame colors (to clarify: 1 color per match)
  • A small boulder (to discuss with earth elementals: please empty pockets before sending laundry to sort)
  • A laundry hamper (to discuss with laundry crew: please do not wash laundry hampers with clothes)
  • A very confused ghost who got lost (in life he was a sailor)
  • 7 fey manuscripts (waterlogged but state they do not mind… currently unsure if overly polite or if they are ocean-based)
  • 5 skeleton keys
  • 4 skeletons (possible fifth may be stuck in the dryer, maintenance has been alerted)
  • 9 flowers (various, beautiful)
  • 3 packaged snacks (various, eaten by laundry crew)
  • 32 mermaid scales
  • Every lost sock from every superhero and side kick laundered in the past week (via mystical and unexplainable convergence)
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