Lava Flume

“Come, lovely! The rush is incredible!” Magma Hamilton (“Ham”) Flamingo, gorgon, said to Embers J. Lapilli, another gorgon. The pair held hands and dove headfirst into the magma lake.

The molten rock bubbled around them, a slow tide drawing them towards an opening near a far wall. “The heat is so divine,” Ham said. “And you are going to love this ride, it is a complete blast.”

As the gorgons neared the gravity well in the lake, they embraced in a tight hug. “Ready?” “Do I have a choice?”

Soon, the pair were pulled into the sinkhole. Speed and pressure began to build as they were swept through smooth, undulating tunnels, and after several minutes of laughing, squealing, and being dunked in the liquid rock, the gorgons were unceremoniously hurled from a volcano’s mouth and thrown high into the air.

Bracing for impact, Ham and Embers plunged into a lake of nearly boiling water. Bobbing up, “That was brilliant!” Embers exclaimed.

“Do you want to go again?” Ham asked with a wide smile, bobbing up and down in the steaming water.

“A dozen more times, at the very least.”

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