Kitchen Potion Stocks

Stocks are the liquid base for soups, stews, and countless other dishes. While every chef will add their own twist, general formulas can help you get started.

Ectoplasm Cooking Potions

Five parts ectoplasm, boiled for five hours, add nine trollbreath onions (small dice) per gallon, generous amounts of royal moon moss once ectoplasm has boiled for one hour.

Cast any advanced necromantic curse after two hours. Cast Suspend Food Purity to ensure it does not go bad. This potion should account for one-half of all base liquid in the final recipe.


Water Elemental Waves

One gallon sea water, five pounds of bones from a drowned sailor (note: the cause of demise must be drowning and they must be a sailor of at least ten years experience), moonlight infused powdered sapphires, a Mermaid’s Breath potion (small flask).

Allow to settle in a copper bowl, it will begin to glow when ready (about 14 hours). Chilling in the night air will expedite the process. This potion never goes bad, but only a few tablespoons should be
used per gallon of the end recipe.


Breath of the Ancients

An air-based cooking stock, Breath must be kept in a magical glass jar until used. It is crafted by capturing ghost breaths into the jar, casting an Ethereal Cold spell upon it, and burying in a graveyard for nine to twelve weeks (it will rain black water when the potion is ready).

To activate for cooking, the air must pass through a golden sieve onto the meal’s protein or vegetable base. The entire jar is used at once and stays usable for about a month after initial brewing.

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