I have met the moon

Hearing the noise, I rush out into the Wild. “You have come for proof?” it asks with murk, gloom, and danger. “I have come to profess my love!” I shout, falling.

Seduced by the raw majesty of the night, the voice commanded me to speak her name. “You are the moon,” I whispered, held aloft by the throat, “and I am unworthy of your light.”

“You are my villain,” the voice returned, “unworthy of nothing, simulacrum of nothing. Honor yourself as you honor me. Do my work and spread my name with your black painted lips.”

And I have been falling ever since.

I awoke in the moon’s gaze and heard, from far away, the mermaids and the water nymphs calling. “Come play, come splash,” the mad winter wind brought in.

I tore clothes and blankets and sanity and reason and dove through the walls, down the halls, through the streets, I ran and coughed and fell and I kept running with weak legs and horrid lungs and a complete lack of care for a mortal world.

I shouted the name of every slime-blooded leviathan I could think of, I shouted at the top of lungs that protested the treatment, I shouted and coughed and drove myself forward without hesitation.

“Will you play?” the black-lipped monsters asked as my toes dug into the beach at long last. “Will you stay?” the green-tongues carved the air with the sounds of waters and doom as the waves gathered around my feet.

“Forever! I will, forever!” I shouted back as the sea drove me down, pushed me back. I fight, I fight until the end, I fight until my last breath.

“Stay,” the creatures whispered, coming to my aid, pulling me down, “stay with us.”

“Forever,” I promise, my each breath of air, “forever and ever.”

Floating a breath above
Eyes as brown as immortal strength
And lips as black as midnight
The moon smiles down to me
“Corrupt my name with your poison mouth,” She commands
And slips her purple tongue into my kiss
I see my life
And death
I awake with silver hair

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