Home Under the Water

Red Kelp, a dryad with an unusual name, hugged her wife’s waist and squealed in jubilation. Her calm, reserved nature was no match for the crashing waves of emotion as Strawberry, mermaid, swam them across the door’s threshold. A new home to be filled with new memories. “Berry! It’s so perfect, I love it! I love you!”

With the core construction complete and the Self-Renewing Breathing Underwater spell in place, Red was finally able to see the tiny cavern’s true potential. Strawberry drew her wife into a kiss, propelling them around the underwater cave with lazy flicks of her tail. A half-dozen murmured “we can put this, there,” were interrupted by Red Kelp. Kisses, questions, kisses, suggestions, random noises of joy, kisses. “Now show me the surface please!”

Red Kelp reacts to seeing the new, underwater home she will share with her wife, Strawberry.

Swimming up through a skylight, the pair breached the surface and gazed at the deep violet rocks and velvety lilac sand. The shoal ringed the underwater cave far out in the sea, providing privacy and a breaker for storm waves. Despite the narrow strip of land, the shoal is large enough to support a small copse of palm trees. Pulling herself from the water, Red Kelp walked over to them and touched each, naming them and happily introducing herself.

Strawberry remained in the water for a bit before summoning a wave to lift her up and carry her onto the beach. “We will set up a hammock here, maybe a small cabinet with plates and bits,” she offered.

Later, as they lounged under the waves in their new cavernous home, laying on a bed of seaweed and eating ice scream, they planned art and furniture.

“But what seasons should we spend here? What of Peyroux? We need to make schedules and keep everyone posted.” Red Kelp whispered as she traced Strawberry’s lips with her fingers. The mischievous mermaid nibbled gently on them. “I think it is best we plan to not plan. Just roll with the tides, love,” Strawberry offered.

Red Kelp considered this and sighed happily. It was very much against her nature, to flow, to not plan, but Strawberry had a point. Red drew a deep breath of water— itself against her nature, made possible with her wife’s magic. Rolling over, Red Kelp curled unto Strawberry’s arms. That night, safe and comfortable, she dreamt of the coming summer.

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