Healing Stone Skin

Creatures made of stone require special care when wounded — gauze is hardly effective on wounded stone skin.

Medicinal muds can be crafted by mixing a healing potion into any reasonably dry soil. The consistency will vary, depending on potion quality, so precise recipes are not possible. Continue mixing until you have a thin slurry and pour slowly over the afflicted area. It will harden on contact.

The mud will seal the wound, stemming any blood flow, offering immediate waves of comfort against pain, and will protect against disease. Healing is usually complete within a day or two.

This method can also be used to deliver medicines of non-critical nature, such as flu vaccines and skin strengthening potions. Stone monsters drinking a potion formulated for a flesh-based creature will find it ineffective (at best) or suffer indigestion (at worst).

To help heal magical creatures that have earth elemental inclinations, but are themselves not elemental or constructed of stone, use twice as much healing potion as soil and apply the slurry to a bandage or cotton wrap. They are able to drink potions normally.

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