Haunt Care

Living in a haunted home means assuming the role of caretaker. You have become a guardian against those who would seek to destroy the undead, and vice versa, the haunts have become your guardian against those who would do you harm.

Every haunted house and resident (or group of residents) will develop rituals of communication. Some are elaborate and require all manner of candles and artifacts, while other pairings keep open channels — simply speaking is enough.

Your first few months, possibly your first year, will be spent figuring out just how to communicate with one another. Is that oddly creaking stair an invitation? Is the sound of rain on a clear day a request for help? Similarly, how do you tell your haunts you need them to listen? That you need their extra-worldly authority on matters weighing on your mind and heart?

Haunted houses require attention and care, and if it has been awhile since anyone has treated them well, they are likely to be fussy or cranky. As a matter of fact, many horror stories involving such haunts turning against new residents are, in reality a case of “cranky and sleepy ghosts being woken up.”

Have a little patience, double up on your necromantic protection spells, and you’ll be fine (probably).