Happy Anniversary Strawberry and Red Kelp

As per tradition, Strawberry, a mermaid, left home at twilight the night before her wedding anniversary to Red Kelp, a dryad. And as per tradition, at dawn, Red Kelp went to the forest lagoon where she first met her lover.

Each brought a gift of the other’s namesake for breakfast, echoing their first date. The pair laughed and played throughout the day, telling stories and sharing memories. “Do you remember the first time you tried one of these?” Red Kelp asked, feeding her wife a yellow ghoulie, a spicy citrus pepper the mermaid had come to adore.

“I felt like I could breathe fire! I’m not convinced I didn’t.” Strawberry giggled, biting the feeding fingers gently. “Remember that owl?”

“Berry, no!” the dryad cried indigently, biting her lip to keep from laughing, but Strawberry could not be stopped. The mermaid drew herself into a formal posture, imitating an especially prim character. In some private joke between the couple, she widened here eyes and turned her head this way then that. Strawberry made a gurgling “hoot,” her gills unable to enunciate the sound properly. And at this, Red Kelp lost her strained composure. The two collapsed into a bundle of laughter and kisses.

Red Kelp laid her head onto Strawberry’s lap. The mermaid gently styled and played with her wife’s hair, drawing it out into countless styles, each more absurd than the last. Red Kelp gazed up into her wife’s eyes and smiled.

“I love you,” the dryad said, using the language of hand gestures the pair had developed during their first meeting. “I love you,” Strawberry signed back before leaning in for a kiss.

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