Ground Floor Plants & More

Aluminum G. Bauxite, earth elemental, runs Peyroux’s gardening and farming supply store, Ground Floor Plants and More. Gardening and farming are very popular in the Netherworld, with most neighborhoods having at least one community plot and many homes having small areas for flowers or herbs.

Ground Floor specializes in the natural and supernatural accouterments involved in raising plants. Seed displays, saplings, and sprouts loop around each other in small mazes, serving as both advertisements for Aluminum’s wares and a stock room for its inventory.

Aluminum G. Bauxite offers RED KELP a carnivorous plant. Elsewhere, Aluminum helps MISTER GHOST.

A small cave, towards the back of the property, leads down into a series of caverns, where all manner of molds, lichens and fungus grow. Known as “the Back Room,” it is a common entrance for adventurers hunting monsters, and more successfully, monsters hunting adventurers.

Aluminum is a multi-location tendril earth elemental, meaning it rises up from the ground like a thick stone tentacle, and up to five “Aluminum”s can appear at once in a small area. Each incarnation of Aluminum has two jewels for eyes, and each can carry on distinct conversations, allowing it to help multiple customers at once. Arms and hands sprout from each manifestation’s base as needed, either to help a customer with their purchase or to shake hands to seal a deal.

Friendly but serious tempered, Aluminum prefers to talk about soil, rocks, the weather, and plants above all other subjects.

Mister Ghost, undead farmer, Magma Hamilton Flamingo, gorgon, and Red Kelp, aquatically named dryad, are frequent guests and customers.

At the edge of Ground Floor’s property, facing Swamp Horror Lane, stands a small brick building. Used for storage and customer check out, the shop houses frequent seed swap gatherings. The rules are simple: come with what you have, be it seeds or sprouts to trade, or curiosity on how to start your own plot, and share what you can. Those just starting out are asked to bring a small portion of their first harvest to share with the group, not only in repayment, but so everyone can see how well you’ve done.

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