Google search: “…sirens actually exist?!”

The siren eased herself into the bath tub, sighing with pleasure. She closed her eyes and sang quietly as her head slipped under the water. A knock on the bathroom door. “Come in, lover,” the siren called out, pulling herself into a sitting position.

The door cracked open and a young woman poked her head in. “I… you a rubber ducky…and some…salt water taffy?” her voice cracked nervously, curving the statement into an awkward question. They had been dating for about a month, this was all still very new, and information on “what presents to get a siren girlfriend” is not terribly easy to come by.

Especially when your first Google search was “sirens actually exist?!”

Liquid, bell-like giggles filled the tiny apartment bathroom as the monster beckoned the young human closer and kissed her softly. “Thank you! I don’t know what to do with the duck but I love candy. I shall enjoy them both.”

Much later, alone, the young woman added a text post to her blog: “Siren girlfriend early dating gift tip: buy her candy from the pier. Your favorite flavor and a flavor you don’t recognize so you can try it both together.”

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