Four Short Ghost Stories

“Do not speak ill of the dead”

“De mortuis nil nisi bonum, Atticus,” the ghost said lovingly, kissing my cheek before floating away.

“That doesn’t apply to you,” I call, voice growing louder as she floats away. “You stole my lunch!”

“And your keys!”

My reply is lost in peals of laughter that sound like rain on glass.

(Radio Host Voice) Today’s intended program, Why Do Poltergeists Steal, has been canceled due to a poltergeist stealing our scripts and much of our equipment. Instead, for the next fifteen minutes, we will be broadcasting the noise of thick pages turning in an old book.

Laugh and raise your glass in toast, and the world laughs with you. Everyone loves a celebration!

Laugh and raise the dead, and suddenly you are “a menace” breaking the “laws of nature” who “must be stopped at all cost.”

Seeing a ghost: “Hello gorgeous!”

Seeing a bat: “Hello gorgeous!”

Seeing a black cat: “Hello gorgeous!”

Seeing a shambling, rotting revenant on it’s way to claim the life of it’s murderer: “Hello gorgeous!”

Seeing a lich: “Hello gorgeous!”

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