Fey Library Fines

Overdue books are not a matter to be joked about when you borrow from a fey library. If you return your books late, please expect at least one of the following:

  • The inability to speak without rhyme until enough time has passed that you can safely ask the librarian on duty if you may again know the beauty of borrowing a book, to be returned on time, “this time I swear!” you proclaim with loud flair.
  • The inability to read anything at all for a moon cycle. Not simply letters and words defying comprehension, but the actual act of books, signs, and labels conspiring to be seen. They will turn away, fade, make themselves scarce.
  • Your socks will get wet. Every day. They will not dry properly and will acquire the smell most commonly associated with good cheese and weird shampoo

Avoid the curses. Mark your calendars and ask for extensions as necessary.

Sleepy Bat shirt (red)

Sleepy Bat shirt (red) ($24.50)

You are a sleepy omen of doom and wonder.
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