Equinox Happenings

The following shifts are experienced every vernal and autumnal equinox.

  • Mermaid scales are deepening in color, or lightening, depending on if they are swimming to colder or warmer waters.
  • Dryads, pixies, and sprites begin to shift in color.
  • Locksmiths all across the Netherworld are changing locks. It is a popular custom to change your keys on the equinox, locking up the pleasant memories of the last few months or closing out unfortunate business.
  • Vampires are growing excited about the lengthening night, or wary of the lengthening day, depending on where they flock.
  • Heroes are doing something or other I’m sure, largely uninteresting, probably useless.
  • Witches brew special stews and potions to welcome the incoming season and seal up the last energies of the old.
  • While Autumn’s Lost Wood remains forever unchanging, the denizens mark the shift in weather with tea parties and other small gatherings.
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