Double Diner

“Hello my loves!” Atticus Q. Redghost, shapeshifting villain, called out as he walked into the diner. He took off his coat, grabbed a menu, and sat down at the counter.

“Hello Atty, the usual comin’ up.”

“Pancakes are the perfect way to start the day, thank you!”

The ghost waitress stared at the villain in shock. “Not waffles, honey?” The diner went silent and the air grew a bit cold, as if the building itself was holding its breath.

“If… they are good today?” Atticus asked cautiously. Hadn’t he always ordered pancakes?

one Atticus cracks up another atticus.

“Hello beloveds!” Atticus Q. Redghost said as he walked through the diner’s door. “Cup of void coffee and the usual, if you please,” he said, removing his coat and placing it on top of a near duplicate. “Whats this? Am I already here?”

“Hello, erm, Atty!” the original Atticus said from his stool.

“Hello Atty?” said the new Atticus in confusion. “Ah! Hello you old canteen of swamp water.” The villainous pair embraced each other brotherly, then the Newly Arrived Atticus settled on a stool next to the Out of Place Atticus.

“What happened this time, hm? Time travel accident?”

“Think it was a phase displacement potion gone awry.”

“Ah, corks! I thought my coffee tasted off, yeah? We snagged the wrong flask. Will wear off in about a few hours, do you think?”

The diner door opened and Nixandrea Z. Dagon, sea nymph, walked in. “Hello Droplet!” and “Hello Sea Legs!” the Atticus-es called out.

Nixxi stared at one villain, then the other, then the first, and then  back to the other. “No,” she stated flatly and walked out.

“Sea Legs?” one Atticus said to the other, grinning, “I must remember that.” The other simply winked and sipped his coffee.

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