A Letter from the DMV

Dear Mx. Redghost,

We regret to inform you that we must decline your suggestion for (quoted from your letter) “driver’s education upgrades, ‘parallel universe parking,’ get on it dust-covered government suits I did not vote for!”

While the Department of Motor Vehicles appreciates feedback and assumes your time is very valuable, we will feel more comfortable if it is not spent developing, as of this tirade, 10,497 “suggestions.”

Thank you for not contacting us again in the future.

Enclose List:

  • Alternate reality maps (from your original letter)
  • “Money” from “the future” (from your original letter)
  • Doodle of you winking and pointing to said “money” with the speech bubble, “This is not a bribe. Wink.” (from your original letter)
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