December Holidays

As December creeps into Peyroux, a large number of varied holidays will be celebrated. Monsters from all over the Netherworld flock to the village, bringing bounties of holidays and traditions. While some are private family affairs, most are vibrant and public, open to citizens and visitors alike. In this way, many holiday celebrations have merged over the years — and a few Peyroux-specific have been founded!

Witch’s Night is a parade of familiars, while Souperee Jamboree is a soup-and-chili cook off held by the will-o-wisps of Autumn’s Lost Wood. The Broken Clock honors creatures that are most active at dawn and dusk, playing on the old saying a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.

Costumes are terrifically popular in Peyroux as Halloween is celebrated regularly throughout the year. Winter masquerades are held nearly daily, with woodland themes being the most common. Dryads and forest pixies help transform party goers into trees and shrubs, and the Potion Maker’s Authority is regularly on hand to help the living become temporary ghosts and haunted winds.

Wreath hangings are a fairly new activity. Strawberry, mermaid, came to Peyroux after marrying Red Kelp, dryad. Red taught her about floral and leaf crowns, and she took to weaving readily. Immediately popular, crown and soon wreath requests have come in from all over the village, and as the end of the year holidays began to approach, nary a door remains bare.

Regardless of what is being celebrated and when, the end of autumn and opening of winter is vibrant in Peyroux. Songs are sung, feasts are prepared, decorations are varied and vibrant, and cards and presents are readily exchanged. Take a stroll down any street, listen for howls and laughter, and head on over.

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