Dawn & Dusk Teas

Magic potions often rely on sunlight and moonlight to activate. While it is most convenient to brew during these times, a variety of factors (weather, undeath, location, season) can limit access.

Illuminia flowers help resolve this tricky brewing requirement as they bloom from sunrise to noon, and again from dusk to midnight, absorbing energy and storing it deep their petals. Harvested at the end of either cycle, they can be brewed into either a dawn or a dusk tea.

Dawn teas are robust and bold, often glowing in the dark. Their radiance is harmless to undead damaged by sunlight and are therefore often sought as lanterns and memory keepsakes.

Dusk teas draw in light and elongate shadows. Besides their use in potions, they can be used as a dye to make clothing and equipment gray and far less visible. Even sound is muted from items so cloaked.

A cup of either tea will boost a potion by one “day” or one “night,” and doses are cumulative. Be careful with your formulas, the additional liquid can water down the base potion.

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