Conversations with the Dark

“You painted the skeleton bright pink?”

“Why make a thing if it isn’t magnificent, I say.”

“And it breathes fire… somehow… without lungs?”

“And smells of strawberries, yes.”


A fanged horror beyond what imagination could previously construct, building a corporeal form using abysmal energies.


Eyes wide with delight and desperately in love.

“You made a floral crown?”

“Isn’t it gorgeous! I made it with foxgloves from Grimwood Swamp.”

“But the charm says you made it for the headless horseman. How is it going to wear a floral crown on it…” (pause, then spoken slowly) “It is for the horse, isn’t it?”

(Simultaneously, spoken quickly) “It is for the horse, yes.”

(followed by) “…well… I made the horseman a lovely wrist corsage. I didn’t want him to feel left out.”

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