Come to Supper

“What if no one likes my dish? Do you like it? Will you eat some Kelpie?” a rare note of worry shook Strawberry’s voice.

“You made this last week, twice, because I devoured it and asked for more,” Red Kelp, dryad, said as she kissed her wife’s blushing cheek.

“What if it is poison? Like what if witches eat a certain kind of fish and they get mega-sick? We should go home.”

Red stopped walking and tugged at Strawberry’s hand to pause her as well. “Are you okay, rain drop?”

The mermaid took a deep breath, sending ripples through the water bubble surrounding her tail. It allowed her to move easily on land. “Yes, it is just a bit nerve wracking to cook for others for the first time.”

Before long, they found their destination. Penny P. Post, vampire, and her wife, Zelda K. Arcadia, witch, live in a small cottage that tours the region regularly. Your last step in accepting a dinner invitation is to find their home.

The pair’s final signal that they were on the right track came in the form of a winged black cat lazily flying towards them. Upon seeing Red Kelp’s hands, carrying a ceramic dish, it settled into Strawberry’s welcoming arms. Her anxiety lifting, the mermaid pulled the cat into a warm hug, careful not to let its tail dip into her water bubble. “Hello precious Soot.” The monster cat made a lilting, joyful noise.

They found the cottage shortly after, Zelda standing on the porch to greet them with warm hugs and friendly kisses. “Hello my lovelies! Thank you ever so much for coming. Penny is setting the table, but please do come in!”

“Your home is gorgeous!” Strawberry exclaimed. Indeed, the cozy rooms were full of books neatly stacked, potion bottles full of countless ingredients, and curiosities from around the Netherworld.

“Thank you! Turn of the century cemetery style, but we’ve been here so long I can’t remember which cemetery or which century,” Penny grinned as she entered the living room. She took the dish from Red Kelp and together they went into the kitchen.

“Can I pour you a coffee, my dear?” Zelda asked Strawberry, who agreed readily. “That smells delightful, what did you bring?”


“Oh!” the mermaid started, her words rapidly coiling together, her hands wringing in suit.“It’s a and if you don’t like it or whatever please don’t feel obligated to eat it my feelings-surely-will-not-be-hurt! Not poison!”

Zelda placed a hand on Strawberry’s arm, smiled, and gently squeezed. Strawberry relaxed. “It is a stew of seaweeds and oak leaves, I add midnight hex fish, mostly the darker blue meat, and season it with ginger and hemlock. Bit of seawater to deglaze the pot and thin the gravy.”

“It is stars and brilliance!” came a loud call from the kitchen before Penny came into the living room, eyes alight with excitement for the coming meal. “Berry, please send me the recipe!”

Red Kelp, peaking over Penny’s shoulder, silently blew her wife a kiss. Strawberry blushed mightily at the attention but promised she would write it down and mail it out as soon as they got home that evening.

The meal passed with laughter, a beautiful success, with no fatalities and five full bellies, Soot having demanded a taste several times over.

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