Candy Cottages

Winter brings a boost in popularity to the candy cottage construction industry. Favored by witches in remote forests, these honeyed hideaways can be found in every region of the Netherworld.

Gingerbread is the most common base material to build with in moderate climates, while large sheets of peppermint are popular in regions that see year-round snow cover.

Risks, no matter the environ or material, remain the same: lost children and ants. Both can be easily diverted with common cloaking and misdirection spells, the latter being a common creation point to localized “impenetrable woods” legends. Such myths will draw pools of migrating magical energy, as certain flavors thrive in “unknowable areas”.

So a candy cottage, built out of a love for the classics or for aesthetics just might enhance one’s overall power

Dragon-a-Gram postcards (set of 10)

Dragon-a-Gram postcards (set of 10) ($7.75)

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