Autumn Smoke

The cleaning powers of smoke have long been known to fey creatures, it changes the property of the air and awakens any sleeping spirits lingering at the edge of our reality. With the closing of summer at hand, now is the perfect time to get one’s haunted home in order (physically and mystically).

Adding a touch of blaqwort fungi to your cleaning fire has been known to bring bountiful trick-or-treating come Halloween, while dragon’s ivy provides for lazy, relaxing evenings.

In need of a bit of energy?

Physical activity and spellcraft are both easier with dwarfblood flowers smoldering nearby. They burn slowly, produce very little smoke, and give off a soft, inoffensive odor reminiscent of river stones.

Whatever spells you need and whatever you (safely!) burn to prepare for the equinox, make it a grand one. Autumn is nearly here!

I Love You and I Poisoned Your Tea greeting card

I Love You and I Poisoned Your Tea greeting card ($1.50)

Have them over, sit in the garden and watch the rain. Smile, hand them a card.
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