A Haunted Home

Haunted houses are precious resources that are too often ignored or “destroyed” (the latter situation is rarely achieved as the obliteration of a spiritual entity is nearly impossible. Buildings, however, less so.)

Living in a haunted home, you can reasonably expect a soft October-ish feeling all year. Rain storms and full moons provide the undead entities with energy, so expect heightened activity during these times. While at home, care should be taken when casting spells dealing in fog or gloomy weather, lest you plunge the entire region into months of darkness. Tempting! Oh so tempting! But devastating to local cursed plants, bats that keep the number of insects down, spiders, bees, and various things that unfortunately require sunlight.

Sleeping by the fireplace and sharing stories are great ways to bond with the ghosts and monsters in you haunted home.

In return for the services offered, a haunted house usually requires very little of its human (and inhuman) inhabitants. Having beating hearts within allows ghostly inhabitants a channel to communicate with the outside world, to absorb fleeting gasps of warmth, and to remain a part of a larger existence. Emotions, movement, voices — bits and pieces of life in progress — are small meals and treats to many specters. For magic-using undead, your presence helps them repair faster, recover energy more quickly, and divine into the world more broadly and more accurately.

Aside from the aesthetic benefit and magical life upgrades, the primary reason to seek a haunted home is to fill a place in your black heart. To address a personal need for a near constant contact with Undeath. Similarly, haunted homes open themselves up to the living because they require this connection to Life. Together, you are completing a circuit and creating a mutually beneficial flow of energy.

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