A Day in the Life

Every morning at sunrise, rain or shine, Mayor Kevin M. Sourdough walks the streets of Peyroux. “Good morning!” he calls out to every ghost, every monster, every thing he meets.

The haunted village is small and sleepy, so large decisions are made by residents together and small ones are left to the mayor. Having served since the village’s founding, Sourdough is familiar with the challenges that crop up in a community populated nearly exclusively with ghosts, witches, and monsters.

“No one else wanted the job when we decided to become a village instead of a nightly campfire shared in a pumpkin patch,” Sourdough explained while dipping a chocoslime donut into his Donut Be Afraid coffee. “And, I like talking and meeting people,” he laughed. Gazing out the window, he waved to a dryad lingering at the edge of Autumn’s Lost Wood, the enchanted forest serving as the village’s western border.

While breakfast is usually eaten on the go, lunch is taken in Sourdough’s office at the clock tower in the village square.

At twilight and midnight, Sourdough makes additional rounds. By the end of each month, he will have met with every citizen and guest at least once. “Peyroux is a sanctuary,” he explains over late night waffles at Creepy Crepes, the village diner. “I am a ‘mayor’ because this area is a ‘village,’ but more than anything? I just keep the gears oiled.” And with that, he finished his meal and greeted Bea, the diner’s longtime ghostly head waitress. “Hello lady! Loved this all dearly, can you give us a peak at tomorrow’s special?”

Bea and Mayor Sourdough chatted for several minutes — about the weather, tomorrow’s menu, and an upcoming village Halloween party.

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