13 Uses for Eldritch Slime

  1. Glowing slime will help you read spellbooks in the dark.
  2. Mark your territory.
  3. Draw large sigils to attract who you wish to attract and discourage advancement from everything else.
  4. Tastes fantastic on toast.
  5. Someone stealing your lunch in the office break room? Secure it with a bit of slime and a few spare teeth. Problem solved.
  6. Plumbing problems? Not for long!
  7. Wear it in your hair. Wear it as your hair.
  8. Fling in the direction of catcallers.
  9. Squish it between your toes.
  10. Attractive person you aren’t sure how to talk to? Offer them a handful of slime. If this doesn’t get their attention, maybe they aren’t right for you.
  11. Hilarious sneeze prank prop.
  12. Keep your money in the slime like a wallet.
  13. Scrying mirror scratched? Patch and polish! Attach slime to your shoes and glide rather than walk.