Welcome Strawberry!

Peyroux has recently welcomed its first permanent mermaid resident: Strawberry. To help her around the village, and to better welcome any aquatic tourists and future residents, we have added a new spell to the area’s tapestry.

Travel Drop will create a floating bubble of water around the caster. Temperature and salinity are variable to ensure comfort, simply adjust by modulating your magical field. Or you can use a flask of water as the focal point! The created Drop will perfectly mirror its properties.

The Drop will last until dismissed and works equally well indoors as outside. Drops float a few inches above the ground, so you needn’t worry about dirt or mud.

RED KELP (DRYAD) greeting strawberry (Mermaid), IN ONE OF PEYROUX’s NEW TRAVEL DROPS, on their wedding day.

Strawberry moved to Peyroux, joining her wife Red Kelp, née Fireleaf, a dryad. Congratulations you two! I asked about their names (one would think they would be reversed), and they stem from their first meeting some years ago. Apparently, the words — in Dryadic and Mer respectively — sound very similiar. How romantic!

Strawberry has taken a position helping our village with water management and will be collaborating with the Potion Maker’s Authority to expand their offerings.

The village will be hosting a welcome party for Strawberry and Red Kelp when the moon hits the waning gibbous. Any and all are invited! Oh, it is going to be simply lovely.

AN open letter to dearest Strawberry: Welcome to Peyroux — AND OUR HEARTS! LOVE: The entire village of Peyroux!

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