The Cheese Moon

“What do you think the moon is made of? Rock, I suppose?” the astrosorcerer, Petrus Calderón, asked his wife. Hundreds of years will pass before humans enter space.

“Cheese!” the gorgon exclaimed excitedly to herself, spreading a slab of marble as easily as Brie. The magical nature of gorgons allows them to change the density of stone at will, enabling them to eat it with relish (sometimes literally).

“Cheese?” Petrus blurted out in surprise. “Well… I… suppose it could be…” he gazed into his telescope and observed the moon’s surface.

The gorgon happily ate her stone snack while her husband studied and recorded. “Oh, sorry love, did you say something?” she called out.

“Just dreaming,” he answered, not turning away from his instruments.

The following spring, the soon-to-be-infamous astrosorcerer released his seminal book, A Cheesy Lunar Theory, largely regarded by gorgon chefs as the most important celestial thesis ever published. Indeed, it inspired five generations of gorgon magic users to study, travel to, and eventually open a small restaurant on the lunar surface.

The Muenster Lunar Colony Bar & Grill has become a gateway to space for many. In 1738, it was visited for the first time by extraterrestrial life, ushering in a new age of exploration into the majesty of the universe. By 1744, the Netherworld Post Office expanded to include intra-solar system delivery, hiring aether bats to send messages from Earth to as far out as Pluto, and by 1799, deliveries were being made throughout the universe and beyond.

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