New Spectral Club

The newly formed Necromancer’s Spectral Club will be meeting every Sunday evening to host demonstrations and seminars. Topics will include Building Sentient Creatures, Channeling Energy into Bones for Later Use, and Skeletal Army Maintenance.

Seeking to reach out to the community, the Club wants to identify new talent, satisfy the curious, and assist hobbyists.

“There is huge interest in the undead arts — but the start up costs are huge and the first few spells are incredibly dangerous. With a helping skeletal hand and professional workshops, we can start building the next generation!” Margot V. Shadow said. It should be noted, halfway through her comment, she enchanted a skull and threw her voice. The spells to replicate this amazing feat are scheduled for the intermediate classes starting next month.

Admission is always free, courtesy of Evil Supply Co. Classes begin at twilight. No sign ups, experience, or equipment necessary. Meet at The Crepuscular Cemetery, look for the black tents!

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