Librarian Letters

Ms. Pumpkin Jaq: Please be advised that your familiar, Trix, will be returned to you by the end of the week. He was caught between chapters five and six of your recently returned novel, Fantastic Trees Through the Ages. Please note a two silver coin fine will be placed onto your account for returning Trix to his original form. At the time of this letter, he was stuck in the shape of a bookmark.

Ms. Arques: Your copy of Lock Picking for Frequently Incarcerated Mischief Makers is available for pickup. Please note: How to Hide Nearly Anything Anywhere is nearing its due date and we can find you if necessary.

Mrs. Strawberry: The books from Atlantis have arrived. My apologies for not listing the titles, I am not able to read the glyphs. They are being held in the water tank at the Circulation Desk.

Ms. Pierreux: The story stones you requested arrived yesterday. A Suspend Fire charm has been cast upon them as they were covered in lava. We have a pair of bat-shaped oven mitts handy should you need protection to carry them home.

Lemon Peel the Tiny Dragon: A book in the form of a mechanical lizard arrived for you several days ago. Our apologies in this delay, it kept scampering away and hiding. We were finally able to keep it one place by giving it a steady bribe of nuts and bolts.

Mr. Redghost: A large black book with red pages and an unusual smell appeared at the Receiving Dock a few days ago. While we have no record of you requesting it, nor can we read the title or open the cover, it is whispering your name and laughing quietly. We insist you retrieve it as quickly as possible.

Ms. Starwater: Your copy of An Incomplete & Probably Untrue Yet Passionate History of Poltergeists is available for pick up. It has been playing tricks on various patrons since its arrival, please stop by the Circulation Desk so we may share the stories.

Mr. Sourdough: Please keep the copy of Speed Reading for the Busy you currently have checked out. Our records show you have renewed it every two weeks for the last 10 years.

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