Grave Dirt Library

Recent efforts by the villagers of Peyroux and area grave wardens have built one of the Netherworld’s most comprehensive libraries — of grave dirt.

Samples from here, there, and over yonder have been gathered, cataloged, and sorted by origin, weather at the time of collection, and various mystical qualities.

Researchers have begun flocking to Peyroux to study and conduct experiments. All knowledge discovered will be shared publicly as per borrowing policy of the Peyroux Public Phantasmal Library.

“Fascinating patterns have already begun to emerge,” says Harper L. Vandergloom, librarian in charge of the grave dirt exchange program. “Moonlight saturation levels in soil with heavy clay components are opposite of levels found in soil that is mostly sand — unless it was raining heavily during collection! Then the sandy soil aligns perfectly with the clay!”

It is not yet known how well substitutions will work in potions and general spells. As the library builds their collections, this will be the next research direction.

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