Bubble Dock

An elemental mage named Sophie M. Starwater has developed a novel architectural defense for her home. The newly crafted spell, Bubble Dock, creates a permanent shield allowing light and air in
while keeping water and invaders out.

The shape of her dock includes an invisible ramp leading from the shore to the building’s main entrance, so Starwater simply walks through water parting before her and to the front door. Without her direct permission, any traveler able to find the Dock (a tremendous feat in and of itself) would encounter an invisible wall of force.

Ms. Starwater has been greeted with joy and enthusiasm by her neighbors.

Ms. Starwater keeps a small, dry garden in her below-the-waters home. Given its location, she is able to balance the flow of sunlight and completely block pests. A small pool on one end of the garden serves as a doorway, creating a sort of self-service cafe for passing water creatures. Such treats, and a pact of mutual protection, has created a beautiful and lasting partnership. “We used to get a fair number of adventurers coming through here, looking for loot and bragging rights,” Calliope, a local water nymph, reported. “But with Sophie guarding the shore, only the most foolhardy make it into the water and they are easy to deal with.”

Being submerged, the Starwater home need not be concerned with rain or weather. Privacy is achieved by controlling the dome’s opacity in various sections, as well as cleverly placed trees, shrubs, and other green spaces. The unusual flora has made it a popular aquatic tourist destination and Ms. Starwater never is wanting for guests at tea time.

Haunted House patch

Haunted House patch ($2.00)

Graceful ghosts lingering in empty rooms, absorbing secrets, radiating gloom.
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